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Annual Revenue and Energy Savings you can Expect by Installing the Energy Valve.

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Belimo PIV Energy Modeling Tool

Accurately View Energy Savings using Pressure Independent Valves. Now Available as a Standalone Windows Application

Belimo PIV Energy Modeling


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A selection of online videos dedicated to educating on Belimo products and solutions.

New Generation Globe Valve & Retrofit Linkages

Belimo New Generation Globe Valve Actuators and Retrofit Linkages offer greater power and flexibility. Engineered to suit a broad range of HVAC applications, both the New Generation Actuators and Retrofit Linkages are highly adaptable making selection, installation, and long-term service worry-free. New force ranges from 112 lbf to 337 lbf and broader travel ranges from .6" (15 mm) to 2" (50 mm).

Belimo Energy Valve

The Energy Valve is a two way pressure independent valve that: Measures Energy – logs and trends coil performance data for up to 13 months; Controls Power – gives direct control of the available equipment heat transfer capacity to the building automation system; and Manages Delta T –improves central plant operating performance with the Belimo Delta T Manager™ which optimizes differential temperature in the system.

ZIP Economizer™

Belimo ZIP Economizer offers the fast route to reliable energy savings. ZIP Economizer is the most technologically advanced Airside Economizer solution with patented ZIP code High Limit setup, FDD, and alarm history. Unlike other economizers, the ZIP Economizer provides a plug-and-play modular design, LCD display, and onboard help backed by Belimo's technical support team and a 5-year warranty. Learn more at:

Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valve

Pressure independent valves directly control the water flow required by the coil and are not affected by pressure fluctuations in the system. The valves are selected based on the GPM requirements of the coil and no Cv calculations are needed. By precisely controlling the flow, the valves eliminate the need for balancing valves, thus reducing the installation, balancing and saving energy.

EF Spring Return Actuator

The EF actuator utilizes rugged components in a pressure cast aluminum housing for added strength and reliability. It offers a high torque output of 270 in-lbs and a NEMA 4 option to meet tough environmental conditions found in many HVAC applications.

Belimo ZG-JSL Damper Actuator Linkage Solution

The ZG-JSL linkage simplifies typical installations and eliminates the difficulties where jackshaft bearings are hard to access. The ZG-JSL linkage has a built-in shaft which allows the direct coupling of Belimo actuators.

6-Way Characterized Control Valve

The 6-way characterized control valve is the only one of its kind designed specifically for chilled beams and radiant ceilings. This compact valve has the functionality of up to four 2-way control valves saving on space, material and installation time.

Steam Valve Sizing and Selection

In this recorded webinar learn about steam applications including coil/heat exchangers and the proper technique on how to size a steam valve. In addition, we will demonstrate how easy it is to ensure the correct steam control valve is selected by using the Belimo SelectPro tool.